Soy Sauce, 5 gal


Soy Sauce, 5 gal


Accompanied by independent sealed fermentation tank and production line, Pearl River Bridge brand Soy sauce is produced according to Traditional Japanese techniques. Unlike traditional Chinese soy sauce fermented by sunshine and air, with soy beans and starters mixed thoroughly, it is pressed from a sealed fermentation tank that manually monitor the temperature during several months fermentation process. The nutritious and delicious Pearl River Bridge brand soy sauce has light brown color, pleasant smells, great and rich tastes. It is perfect match for Japanese Sushi and Sashimi and also excellent for American Cuisines.

  • Sizes: 5 gal
  • Item #: 107318
  • Unit UPC: 7 22337 81811 9
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Tins per Pallet: 36
  • Ti/Hi: 12 tins x 3

Pearl River Bridge brand products have many unauthorized imitators. Make sure you purchase an authentic Pearl River Bridge product by looking for the Guangdong Foodstuffs Logo.

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